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Have you become a witness? Do it yourself and conduct your own interview

Shortly after the crime, investigators discover fingerprints and trails of blood at the crime scene that could stem from the perpetrator. Yet, two weeks pass until experts finally collect these traces. Who would expect them to still find anything of … Lees verder

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Inconsistent witness = unreliable witness? When witnesses come up with new details in a second interview

A customer becomes the witness of a bank robbery. While still at the bank, he provides the police with a description of the perpetrator: male, dark hair, slim, black sweater. That’s all he can recall. One week later the witness … Lees verder

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Forensic hypnosis: Royal road or dead end on the way to eyewitnesses’ memories?

Hypnosis seems to be the solution to a multitude of problems: it is used as an aid to quit smoking, to lose weight, and police officers enthuse over its miraculous effects on eyewitness memories. How does eyewitness research explain the … Lees verder

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